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Welcome to the Reflex Gaming forums. Reflex Gaming is a community that was founded by Wallaby in 2017. The Reflex community has been growing ever since and we hope it continues to grow as we try to keep a clean, positive community.

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    1. i will try to not be mean or be stuck up no more sorry
    2. ● What server are you applying for?: Reflex combat surf ● What is your name?: Lachlan ● What is your steam ID?: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198422386579/ ● How old are you?: 14 ● Do you have a mic?: yes ● Are you able to record gameplay?: yes ● Are you prepared to use your mic?: yes ● Are there any staff members that recommend you for this position?: no ● Previous (if any) Admin/Moderator experience: no ● How recognizable to the server community would you say you are?: 9/10 ● How long have you been playing on the server for?: around 500 - 600 hours all up on both accounts i played on ● How could you rate your time availability 1-10? 10 being always around: 8 ● Why do you think you should be a mod?: i will try get every cheater off reflex combat surf recorded, im mostly on the server and i will be fair about the rules ● As a moderator, describe how you would make a difference in Reflex Gaming: Having some fun on the server and try not to make people toxic to the other players and stopping some cheaters and perm banning them immediately Scenarios: - These questions test your ability to think outside the box, they range from topics such as bullying, consequences and maturity: ● A player has accused you of abuse, he is threatening to alert the owner of the server to get you banned. How do you react?: 1)how am i abusing 2) do u have a recording so i can have a look at it cause if i am no need to disrupt the owners/admins 3) i will say if i do it again i will alert wallaby myself ● You have just arrived on scene, a player has been accused of cheating/glitching/hacking on the server. The other players want this player to get banned from the server. What do you do?: leave and join back a spec and spectate that player while i record on obs and if he is cheating i will alert the admins/owners to come on and look at the footage

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