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Welcome to the Reflex Gaming forums. Reflex Gaming is a community that was founded by Wallaby in 2017. The Reflex community has been growing ever since and we hope it continues to grow as we try to keep a clean, positive community.

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    1. As a moderator, describe how you would make a difference in Reflex Gaming I would get rid of toxic cunts and all the hackers That involve removing yourself?
    2. Use: https://steamidfinder.com/ to get your SteamID or type 'status' in console. You posted your Steam url.
    3. The time it takes you to logout and relog the hacker could've disappeared without evidence to ban. Also you didn't even bother to remake your application and copied the previous.
    4. An essay isn't 300 words. And don't bother replying if you don't understand what I am saying.
    5. +1 he's ol' mate
    6. Just to add on... Active yet isn't instructive. Prepared to use a microphone yet barely uses one. Formatting of application shows lack of forum knowledge. " You have just arrived on scene, a player has been accused of cheating/glitching/hacking on the server. The other players want this player to get banned from the server. What do you do?: I would go under a different alias record proof to send to admins. " So you would leave the server and switch your alias? Instead of recording and allowing the player an opportunity to stop and get away.
    7. What server are you applying for?: Minigames ● What is your name?: Chris ● What is your steam ID?: STEAM_1:1:157601717 ● How old are you?: 18. DOB: 18/07/19 ● Do you have a mic?: Of course. ● Are you able to record gameplay?: Yes. ● Are you prepared to use your mic?: Of course, bought one for a reason. ● Are there any staff members that recommend you for this position?: Kucky. ● Previous (if any) Admin/Moderator experience: Minecraft: MCGamer, Moderator (http://mcgamer.net/) Badlion, Moderator (https://www.badlion.net/) MCSwich, Sr.Moderator, Moderator (http://mcswish.net/) BigTree-Servers, Founder (N/A) RatPvP, Founder/Head Manager (http://ratpvp.com/) Ali-A Craft, Administrator (https://forum.aliacraft.net/) Garys Mod: Sharp-Shooter, Administrator (https://sharpshootersgaming.com/) Newlife-Networks, Administrator (http://newlifenetworks.com) Quicksilver, Head of Staff, Administrator, Moderator (N/A) Game and Boom, Manager, Administrator, Moderator (http://gameandboom.net) Velocity TTT, Developer (http://velocityttt.enjin.com) Riot-Servers, Founder, Manager, Administrator, Moderator (http://riotservers.net/) GamersAU, Head Manager/Founder (http://gamersau.com/) CS:GO: Frequency, Administrator (http://frequencyservers.net) Fractic, Administrator, Moderator (http://www.fractic-gaming.com/) Ator, Founder/Head Manager (htpp://atorgaming.com) GamersAU, Head Manager/Founder (http://gamersau.com/) KZG, Trial-Amdinistrator (http://killzonegaming.com/index.php) X-ile, Forum Manager/Administrator (N/A) SnookedBot, Founder (http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791458699422) NexusAU, Head Manager/Founder (http://nexusau.com) ● How recognizable to the server community would you say you are?: Pretty popular. ● How long have you been playing on the server for?: Awhile? ● How could you rate your time availability 1-10? 10 being always around: 6. ● Why do you think you should be a mod?: Why do I want to become a Moderator? Well isn't it obvious? I’m a genuine guy who loves to help those out. As an older/experienced Staff member I have a lot of key attributes which could be beneficial (Eg. Understanding for the server, gamemode and community) As a Moderator you’re firstly a teacher and helper not a disciplinar. You’re here to support the growth of the server and happiness/enjoyment of the player's experience. A lot of the younger players are only interested in the powers which are attached to the position instead of applying for the right reason (like being here to help) I have a group page with other 10,000 members on Steam which supported my business SnookedBot. I am very business orientated and understand what needs to be done/completed to move forward. I am also quite a respect member across multiple communities and known as a mentor to a lot of players. In my ignorance and naivety I acted immature, childish and just plain dumb, although I have grown into a respectable player. I had to clean my old habits so I could move forward with my future business plans/proposal. I believe I could use my weight I have on Steam to advertise and gain more beneficial connections for the server/community ● As a moderator, describe how you would make a difference in Reflex Gaming As I said before I have a Steam page/following of over 10,000 members and am currently an Administrator/Manager of another page having over 40,000 members. I am VERY close to the owner of the page and would be able to get advertisement down for the server, after all what's a server without players to enjoy the game modes. I can help bring security to the community. As I said before I am business oriented which gives me the ability to see ahead of plan. I would love to use my skills I’ve learned over 7 years of moderation, administration and managing to your advantage. Scenarios: - These questions test your ability to think outside the box, they range from topics such as bullying, consequences and maturity: ● A player has accused you of abuse, he is threatening to alert the owner of the server to get you banned. How do you react?: He can threaten me all he wants. If it's just accusations without proof the report won't go anywhere. No mute/gag will be needed unless he begins to spam over chat. Everyone is entitled to making a report. ● You have just arrived on scene, a player has been accused of cheating/glitching/hacking on the server. The other players want this player to get banned from the server. What do you do?: Begin recording. No point banning someone just for them to appeal it because we didn't have sufficient evidence. Even though the players are demanding action I must not stray from my job. I will record the player review the tape and make a decision accordingly. If he is hacking he will be banned.

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