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Welcome to the Reflex Gaming forums. Reflex Gaming is a community that was founded by Wallaby in 2017. The Reflex community has been growing ever since and we hope it continues to grow as we try to keep a clean, positive community.

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      Welcome to the homepage of Reflex GamingReflex Gaming is a community that was founded by Wallaby in 2017. The Reflex community has been growing ever since and we hope it continues to grow as we try to keep a clean, positive community. Website[www.reflexgamingau.com]Donations: We greatly appreciate donations to help keep the server running. If you are going to donate please contact TheWallabyFromDownSouth via steam and they will set up perks for you in game. For more infomation about donations and perks go to the donations discussions. NO REFUNDS Donations and Perks Current Servers CSGOReflex Combat Surf - 100% AWP Accuracy IP: Reflex Minigames | !ws !knife | !store | !VIP IP: Reflex Bhop | !ws !knife IP: Discord Channelhttps://discord.gg/pwEHkznStaff: Apply for Staff Here -Reflex Gaming Staff Members- Owner/Founder: TheWallabyFromDownSouth Senior Admin: XaZaX Senior Admin: K20 Senior Admin: Sammy Admin: Hurlz Admin: Kellan Admin: DylanAdmin: (Open)Admin: (Open)Senior Moderators: RenSenior Moderators: gEFFModerators: FozzModerators: HelloMyDudeModerators: RickModerators: AoiModerators: RobboModerators: (Open)Thanks, Reflex Gaming Staff





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      • DENIED Very immature & toxic 
      • +1 noob at fortnite and I guess he is alright at csgo  xx
      • Forgot to mention I am still going to be playing Surf frequently (and my application is still valid).  
      • ● What server are you applying for?: Jailbreak (Coming soon) ● What is your name?:  Jack / blb ● What is your steam ID?:  STEAM_1:1:192231869 ● How old are you?:  15 ● Do you have a mic?:  Yes ● Are you able to record gameplay?: No, I can get software if this is required though. ● Are you prepared to use your mic?:  Already am. ● Are there any staff members that recommend you for this position?:  Aoi,  ● Previous (if any) Admin/Moderator experience:  Mainly popular Gmod servers. ● How recognizable to the server community would you say you are?:  I'd say I am one of the more recognisable people, I usually get greeted by atleast someone when I join the server and I'm quick to make friends. ● How long have you been playing on the server for?:  Close to 250+ hrs on Combat Surf, Been playing since Christmas. ● How could you rate your time availability 1-10? 10 being always around: Still in school so around a 7-8 ● Why do you think you should be a mod?:  New server rolling round and I would like to be one of the privileged people to welcome new players and give them a good first impression for the server, and the community in general. ● As a moderator, describe how you would make a difference in Reflex Gaming: I would keep it at a level playing field whilst also making the server accessible to newer players by teaching them how to play. Scenarios: 
        - These questions test your ability to think outside the box, they range from topics such as bullying, consequences and maturity:  ● A player has accused you of abuse, he is threatening to alert the owner of the server to get you banned. How do you react?:  I would try and ask why he thinks that, then based on the response id tell him to provide evidence to wallaby or any other admin. If he cannot provide such I'd tell him to drop it. If not I'd warn him then mute him. ● You have just arrived on scene, a player has been accused of cheating/glitching/hacking on the server. The other players want this player to get banned from the server. What do you do?: Spectate him for a couple of rounds, gather evidence (first hand) or ask for other players to show video proof if they have any.   Cheers.
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